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Why not (Investment vs Benefit)

November 9, 2011

Why not have a game where your strategy decides the rate at which you advance independently of your time dedicated?

The ultimate question as gamers continue to populate the so called ‘productive’ age brackets of society is how to find time to play games, and what type of games can be supported.  It is true that if you decide to dedicate yourself to it as your free time that you can probably find some amount of time, but this is not necessarily enough time to accomplish what you want to accomplish.  For example, at the peak of my WoW playing and theorycrafting I was probably spending a good thirty hours a week on the game, if not more.  Now that I am married I don’t think my wife would stand for that (Warcraft Widow Syndrome), if there were kids in the equation I definitely don’t think it would be supportable.

However, if I had a game that I didn’t as much play for 30 hours a week, as I watched for 26, and played for 4, that would be different.

What if the game were about teaching the game to play for you, and then watching it happen?

This can allow you to decouple the effort vs benefit debate from the game, you can put in as much effort as you want, your time dedicated only results (potentially) in better strategies and thus better results.  Someone able to come up with a good strategy in a shorter period of time need not dedicate as much time for as much benefit.


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